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Waiting for the Bus! Waiting for the Bus!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It was really well made, except just for a few things which bothered me. I'll start with the good, though, since I uh, totally enjoy ending comments on negative notes, I guess.

I liked how the narration went on, with seamless transitions from one scene to another, and especially the music that went along with it. I really liked how the general tune of the music was the same, but by using different instruments and different effects, it drastically changed the mood, and fir in perfectly with the scenes. I also noticed how you didn't just use perhaps, violins and an upbeat tempo to perform the same tune in the police chase, because that would have been overdone, when I think about it. The plot was beautifully done as well, from the discovery of his speed, to winning the races, to literally 'falling' in love, until the lost race, to the drinking binge, to jail, and especially the nostalgic end.
Looking back, after having watched this 3 times, I sorta wish there was more to the story, between the marriage and the new race, and something about the "twenty years later" timespan, but that's only a desire for more, since it was so well done, and had there been more, it would have ruined the movie, most likely.

Er, however, the things that bothered me are here:
The voices, as a few people have said before, were, well, quite unsuitable. It wasn't too much of a bother, as it was only the intro which was like that, which can scarcely be considered part of the true film.
What I really disliked though, very strongly, was the comical explosion at the end. I'm not exactly sure what effect you were going for, but the comical fiery explosion as the abrupt end of an emotional scene did seem to entertain the masses, who are more important than the few who disliked it, because well, we're outnumbered.
But this really did ruin the ending, because the plot was so gripping and it did actually make me sad, and when the bus driver stopped, a reminder of the beginning, it added even more emotion to the ending. It would have been fine to stop there, but then there was a comical explosion abruptly ending it, followed by eccentric and quirky music in the credits.
It truly ruined the film for me.

But uh, that's enough of that. everything else has already been said, I s'pose.

Lifeblood Colors Lifeblood Colors

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I really liked this

It really had a lot of meaning to it.. I liked the metaphors you used. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this.
A lot of your other works have deep meanings, but none like this. Great job.

The happy bunnybun dance The happy bunnybun dance

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Twisted, but very happy..

I liked it! :D

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Rupert's Zombie Diary Rupert's Zombie Diary

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It looks nice on the surface, but it's poorly coded and super grindy of a game.

You managed to make a highly addictive game out of a super generic premise, and the UI, graphics, and quirks like limb-specific shots and surfing added a nice, fun touch, but by day 10 or 20 I found myself growing increasingly frustrated with the repetitive soundtrack and the continuous, incomprehensible remarks of the main character.

The skills were a nice touch, but spending multiple days' worth of hard-earned cash on a poorly-arranged skill tree just didn't appeal to me for some reason. I mean, I would have loved to endure more grindy madness to make up the royalties I might spend on a 2% chance of dealing double damage on JUST bosses (in layman's terms, for every 50 bullets you fire, a single one will count for 2).

Eventually, while enduring lag that worsened as I got deeper into the game (due to faulty memory allocation or failure to garbage collect, maybe? a simple refresh solved the problem), I fortified all but the last level, which had ~120 zombies remaining. The strict time limit forced me to play the same area two or three times, but eventually I killed the final zombie, suddenly realizing I didn't have enough money to fortify the area. I couldn't play that level again (as there were 0 zombies), but conveniently I was able to grind more than enough money on the map regions I had already fortified.

That brought me to the boss level, which, although it certainly passed into the threshold of challenging (a good thing), went beyond that into downright frustrating. I managed to chip away a fairly large portion of his health, but the homing charge attack is just too much, as it's pretty much trial and error until you figure out how to actually not get hit by his primal yodeling attack--very sophisticated for a master of necromancy, by the way.

Anyway, I realize I'm being overly critical of this game which you've put countless hours, blood, sweat and tears into, probably because I'm a self-righteous ***hole or something, so I'll end on a nicer note by mentioning my appreciation for the finer things like graphics, addictiveness and challenge, and I wish you luck on your neverending quest to debug.

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Lab of the Dead Lab of the Dead

Rated 4 / 5 stars

There goes my sleep time

Just played this game for about 5 hours straight.. I'll admit it's super addictive, but it was also super tedious at times--for each 'day' that passed, I'd have to do another 15-25 actions on a zombie, which would be random grinding since I'd already unlocked everything earlier. I also had several thousand unused RP throughout the latter portion of the game, which was meh: earlier in the game I'd grind for RP, and now I just had too much of it. Oh wells.

Away from the repetitiveness of some parts, the game was pretty great, from art to music to gameplay. I really liked the rushed scene where Woods busted in and asked me to show him what I had--the character's voice was like an echo of my own, especially since I had just started fresh with a new zombie. I just wish that with character interactions (like the part where I murdered everyone?!), there'd be options on what to do/say in that situation. And maybe it'd be nice if there were a few more character interactions.

The game got a little lonely, but what pulled me through (despite the repetitive RP grinding I was forced to do by the objectives list) was the story--I'm a sucker for a story, especially when narrated like this. I mean, the story was predictable halfway through, and the way it was expressed was slightly reminiscent of the awful memory web in Prototype (but combined with the brilliant side-stories in Iji).

As for the ending, well, gee, there really was no ending at all, was there. I thought there'd be different endings depending on what research you did (thorough training vs passive RP grinding) or how you dealt with Woods etc, but nope, I killed everyone, stayed with my zombies (still grinding through the days) for an indefinite amount of time, and then exited once the narrator resigned.

+limited but immersive gameplay
+art and music
+highly addictive (could also be a negative)
+I've always wanted a zombie pet I could train--but not really

-dreary, repetitive grinding at some points
-abrupt and unexpected ending, sorta underwhelming
-predictable storyline with muddled narration
-it took away 5 hours of my sleep that I'll never get back

Apologies in advance if parts of this review don't make sense or are overly critical and cruel and stuff. It's 5:30am and I should have been asleep right now.

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Evil-Dog responds:

Nah it's a great review, I agree with most of what you said. We make games, we learn, we hone our design skills :D we'll get there!

One and One Story One and One Story

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

= Braid + The Company of Myself + Color My World

I give this game a pretty low score for originality, but it was well done for the most part. A couple things irked me, like the falling blocks level (didn't fit in with the rest of the game), and the one bonus level which requires the boy to push blocks into a shallow hole (which loops to the top of the screen) for the girl, but he magically dies when he falls into it--poor level design really, when you have to implement such a cheap mechanism.

Anyway, the game was nice for the most part, nice graphics, good music and clever game styles, but I just wish it had a little more originality.

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two mexicans two mexicans

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Heehee I love this.

I first heard it on NGAP about 3 or 4 years ago, and forgot about it until recently--and the song is still just as good as it was when I heard it years ago.

You should record and upload the revamped version sometime :P

Memory of Inertia Memory of Inertia

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It's actually a very good easy listening piece, and I'm sure I can listen to it for hours without being irritated by its intrusiveness, but rather having it fade away. This is truly a masterpiece; excellent job.
Also, though I can't empathise with your feelings, I hope the two months since you submitted this have been more than enough for you to resolve your feelings, and if not, I hope you find a way to move on.

SymphonySeven SymphonySeven

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is going on my favorites, heh. It's a really good song, especially the violin parts.
The only thing that irks me is that there's not enough violin, heh.
But still, amazing job. I wish I could compose like that.