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woohoo. level 11.

2008-12-21 09:57:01 by gnome42

My new Swiss army knife has four different knives, two screwdrivers, a pair of scissors, a nail-file, and CHINGGIS KHAN, but he's only to be used under extreme circumstances.
Yeah, you heard me. Chinggis Khan is living inside my pocket-knife.

What does yours have? I bet it's not as cool as mine.

woohoo. level 11.

java is a bitch to work with.

2008-12-06 00:20:05 by gnome42

a couple days ago i started thinking about conway's game of life, and how i had played the flash version here a while back, and i decided to make the java version using the gridworld interface.
its tough as shit to work on.
because java doesnt operate on "ticks" like conway's game does. "ticks" ar steps in which everything happens simultaneously. in java, everything happens starting from the top-left corner. ive gotten almost all the coding done, its just annoying as hell trying to accomodate for that bug. in game-maker language theres a "before step" , a "step" and an "after step" which sounds really helpful right now.. which also inspires me to make the game in that also.
too bad my actionscripting in Flash is utter shit.

I finally finished programming Conway's Game of Life in the GridWorld interface of Java...jre 1.5.0

I don't think I really did it properly though, but its the best way I could think of. There are 4 classes.
Block class--counts how many Cells are adjacent to it
Cell class, extends Block--this class, well.. yeah. It's the living cell.
Tile class, extends Block--which... is the tile
Aging class, extends Block also--ill explain...

Since in Conway's game everything is supposed to happen simultaneously, and GridWorld's sequence goes from top left to bottom right, I had to make it so that in the middle of the step, the new cells (which were created in the middle of the "tick") would still be counted as Tiles by the lower objects, and that the newly created Tiles (Cells that died in the middle of the "tick") would still be counted as living Cells.
I just assigned a boolean value to each new instance created, saying whether it had been created in that step or not. But I also had to make this mid-feature last only until the end of the step. Naturally, I thought of tons of ways to do this, but I'm not too familiar with the GridWorld interface... so I couldn't do any of them. After a bit more of thought, i finally decided to make a new Object that would reset the boolean at the end of the step.
I wasn't sure what to make it though, whether to make it a ControlCell that also transforms into a ControlTile, or to just make a random object. I felt like there could be alot that could go wrong if someone accidentally deleted the controlling tile/cell, so I eventually decided to make the random Block, the one called Aging. The restriction is that it must be in the bottom-right corner. It simply resets the boolean of every object in the class... yeah. It works...
Yeah, reading over this I feel like a nerd or something, but I guess I am since I just programmed Java for fun. And wrote about it using correct grammer, spelling, and punctuation (or did I?).
Whoopee. I'm a loser. But at least i have the "Glider Gun" to amuse me... hehe.

MOONWALKER: starring Michael Jackson!

2008-11-26 17:55:02 by gnome42

i love the choreography at the end.
according to wiki they were going to make a moonwalker2 until the child molestation charges arose... 16 years ago i think.
its funny how this game predicted the future
you are michael jackson; you shoot out pixie dust to make the enemies fly (just like peter pan)
you collect little children (you can make it look like he is raping them by tapping some buttons around)and you send them to neverland (just like his estate that got foreeclosed).

hmm. coincidence? i think not.

/* */
hmm. newgrounds doesnt let you enter javascript links... assholes >:(

News Update

2008-11-11 20:37:43 by gnome42

iv just decided to keep a continuous news update going, instead of creating new updates, just so i can brag about the large number of comments i have... probably in 4 or 5 months ill get a decent number hehe.

11/11--happy veteran's day
ive decided to halt work on my big flashes and begin work on smaller practice flashes, maybe even make animating tutorials which will help me learn almost as much as the people who view them. whoopee. awesome. . . homework time
random fact #73:
my favorite picture is now Death of Socrates. such exquisite detail.. astounding! its the picture that i stare at when im bored in world history. i just noticed the backgrounds recently. most of my time was spent admiring the detail on the foreground, that i didnt even see the back

11/17--level up! safety badge thing up!
so yeah. um. lots of work to do now. but on the bright side i leveled up, got the new safety badge, and i even got 2 comments (wow) even though both of them were the same person (yes robotaco, thats you) and even though 2 is ridiculously low. whatever. back to work.
ps.. i still love 'death of socrates'
pps. this is the southpark episode i starred in... fast forward to 16:10 es/103595

News Update


2008-10-20 18:04:22 by gnome42

For the sake of having a decent poll, I am asking this again.
I have asked this a few times already. t/211146 t/210543 t/171294

I'm asking this one last time,
To determine which flash I should exclusively work on.

So... Which flash should I make first?
The Find The Button Game II (A sequel to the never-finished original. View it here.)
The Dress Up Game (Not like your standard dress up games. Gotta click buttons numbered 1-50000 to wear it.. not drag and drop. Like Dress My Babe or something, except.. not as good.)
Escape the Spoof (self explanatory. escape the room spoof.)
[Movie] (Sorry. No name yet. Maybe later. It's about a fuzzy alien, crash lands, it feels lonely, it finds love. All that nice sappy stuff.)

That's it... for now. Survey will go on until tonight or tomorrow night.

A Sunset Riders sprite sheet I never finished.


Which flash do you want to see first? Please answer this

2008-10-18 21:36:16 by gnome42

Since I got only 1 comment last time, I'm asking again.
...and I'll probably keep asking until I get a decent number of votes.

Which flash submission should I finish making first?
The Find The Button Game II
The Dress Up Game
The Escape The Spoof Game
and the.... nameless movie... details here

these are my other polls.

Which flash do you want to see first? Please answer this

SURVEY. come here. please?

2008-10-17 23:08:46 by gnome42

Which flash should I finish first?

The Find The Button Game II
The Dress Up Game
The Escape The Spoof Game
-Nameless movie---projected themes: furry cute alien, isolation, city, girl, friendship, love, blahblah

pick one
or else ....
The Find The ButtonGame II
The Dress Up Game
The Escape the Spoof Game
-Nameless Movie-

suggestions for any of these to-be submissions will be GLADLY accepted.
(including a name for the movie..)

i said...

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I said...